» » » Gable Roof Dormer ( Gable Roof With Dormer #1)

Gable Roof Dormer ( Gable Roof With Dormer #1)

Photo 1 of 4Gable Roof Dormer ( Gable Roof With Dormer  #1)

Gable Roof Dormer ( Gable Roof With Dormer #1)

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Gable Roof Dormer ( Gable Roof With Dormer  #1)Different Roof Styles. Gabled Dormer ( Gable Roof With Dormer  #2)Reeds Ferry Shed With Gable Dormer ( Gable Roof With Dormer  #3)Gable Roof With Dormer  #4 Shed Dormer


ga•ble (gābəl),USA pronunciation n. [Archit.]
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gable•like′, adj. 


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dor•mer (dôrmər),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Also called  dormer window. a vertical window in a projection built out from a sloping roof.
  2. the entire projecting structure.
dormered, adj. 

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